Looking for Answers is an ambient, reflective track with hypnotizing, mesmerizing melodies. The music is beautiful and atmospheric and will give your visuals a surreal, dream-like quality. Perfect...
Christmas Upbeat - 股票的音乐
-积极,充满活力,令人振奋的圣诞曲目. 快乐和朗朗上口的旋律会唤起快乐和幸福的感觉.-完美的背景音乐,圣诞节和新年视频项目. Also...
Business Inspire 公司股票音乐
Restrained business atmosphere. The main rhythm in guitars and synthesizers. The effects in the background add atmosphere. 轨道是逐渐的 evolving.Instruments: Mute Guitar, Piano, Drums,...
Upbeat Positive Indie 流行音乐
An energetic positive track. 节日的欢乐气氛. The main rhythm in guitars and piano. 从0:54开始听原始的充满活力的钢琴部分.Instruments: Mute Guitar, Guitar, Piano, Drums,...


In short, royalty-free stock music is a type of licensing that allows you to spend a one-time fee on the license and use the music for as long as you need. Marketplaces, like Templateog体育首页, that sell this kind of stock music attach the license to it. 后者指定了在项目中使用库存音乐的方式, 不管他们需要什么.

库存“免版税”音乐是一个很好的解决方案,因为它的多功能性. Compared to other musical outlets, 它的成本从每首歌25美元到100美元不等,适用范围很广.

Royalty Free 股票的音乐: Use Cases


If you are an independent contractor who is looking for a solution that will make your life easier, you’ve come to the right place. 免版税的音乐市场和主题本身很容易使用. 它们是按体裁分类的, moods, 和仪器, so finding the right product is a matter of a second.

Working in a large media company with an extended budget obligates you to have to deal with licensing and copyrights. 而使用免版税的库存音乐则带来了巨大的缓解. Besides, if you are managing several projects at once, 你需要进入一个有所有你能想到的声音的大图书馆. 这就是库存音乐库派上用场的地方.

A good-sounding campaign is crucial for video marketing that effectively grabs the attention of your audience.

If your business provides services by phone, you need to take care of people who, 出于某种原因, 在打电话的过程中被放置在等待中还是应该等到线路开通. What you can do here is to set up a system for music to play while the customer waits. With a great choice of stock royalty-free music, 你可以选择一个不会让你的客户发疯的.

有一个几乎无穷无尽的免版税音乐使用案例列表. Except for the mentioned ones, stock music is suitable for audiobooks and podcasts, 公司的视频, personal, 以及专业网站.

Benefits of Using Stock Royalty Free Music


  1. Music themes grant you to use music on as many projects as you have which is especially handy for numerous video projects that demand identical style in 背景音乐.
  2. You can usually download preview tracks to try them out in the project before the purchase.
  3. 你可以得到各种不同流派的免版税音乐. We choose to cooperate with reliable vendors only and handpick all the music delivered to our marketplace. 所以,你可以确定你只会得到专业创建的内容.
  4. Stock music themes are way affordable which is especially important for everyone who has a limited production budget.
  5. 使用没有版权的音乐是合法的,这意味着你没有做任何违法的事情, like leveraging copyrighted music without permission.
  6. The price for music templates is transparent, 没有隐性成本, additional fees of royalties which allows you to get the product at the price you see on the marketplace.

So, 如果用户期望在视频编辑中获得一个没有问题且经济可行的职业, 视频或播客制作, it makes sense to subscribe to royalty free music themes and concentrate on creating projects free of worry.

免版税的股票音乐 Library FAQ

What music is copyright free?

The royalty or copyright free music is one where no one owns the copyright to the selected music and there are no obligations to pay royalties. However, the truth is that the music you plan to find, including the one that is royalty free, is overwhelmingly copyrighted. The mechanism is that you purchase a license to whatever track, even if it is royalty-free. The license allows free use of music in your videos, 而你获得许可的公司向艺术家支付版税.

Can I use royalty free music for 商业 purposes?

是的,你可以. Royalty-free music means that you pay a one-time licensing fee and use the music however and wherever you want to, 不管目的如何.


普通音乐和免版税音乐之间的区别是明显的. 储存音乐的权利属于一个特定的公司,被称为图书馆. The latter chooses to purchase music pieces from independent artists or hires creatives to whom it assigns projects. Customers are forced to pay additional fees every time they want to use the tracks they’ve already purchased. 当涉及到免版税的库存音乐时,消费者只需一次性支付费用.

Why should musicians use stock music libraries?

Individuals and businesses of all niches refer to stock music libraries to score their projects. 创作这种匿名背景音乐的音乐家有时以此为生. Stock music libraries allow musicians, composers, and producers to send their songs to the library and wait until they become available for use. 音乐家一旦建立了声誉,图书馆就会付给他们佣金. The latter can be then used to produce particular songs requested by specific clients.

Is stock production music royalty-free?

尽管大多数免版税音乐都来自库存音乐库, these two terms are not synonymous. 库存音乐或制作音乐库建议音乐已经在库存或, 换句话说, already produced and ready to license and use. And while some libraries offer royalty-free music, the others focus on the Rights Managed model and collect payment based on the frequency of use and the size of the territory. 所以,你会发现库存音乐并不总是免版税的.

Best Royalty Free 股票的音乐

  1. 大河 — a mix of energetic symphonic strings, 强烈的冲击, 以及带有好莱坞商业气息的琶音钢琴.
  2. 只是相信 -吉他的混音, piano, strings, pads, indie drums perfectly suited for 动机 videos, 公司介绍, 旅游指南, and other uplifting projects.
  3. Ascension -钢琴和弦乐的混合,有助于激发灵感和情感情绪.
  4. 解放 — a mix of dramatic strings, 潜在的节奏光环, epic brass and explosive drums, staccato and legato strings, 法国的角, trumpets, low brass, 大量的管弦乐打击乐和数字混乱加快了心跳.
  5. 夏天的梦想 — pop music track made to use for 商业s, vlogs, summer videos, films, and TV shows.