11 Points infographic PowerPoint element is a great way to demonstrate Points in very attractive way.你也可以改变图标,字体和调整点,因为你喜欢.请随意喜欢它和...
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用这个信息图ppt模板给你的观众留下深刻印象. 这个ppt模板包含了30多个独特的幻灯片, 你可以把它用于营销, Investments, Branding, E-Learning,...
用这个信息图主题模板给你的观众留下深刻印象. 这个Keynote模板包含30多个独特的幻灯片, 你可以把它用于营销, Investments, Branding, E-Learning,...
商业信息图表模板 are of utmost importance in all presentations in todays world. The template are 100% editable and have high quality infographics for portraying your idea to the best...
4点信息图元素是一个独特的吸引眼球的信息图元素.It is designed to capture the audience mind and to be memorized easily as it is imprinted in the audience memory.great...
Business Infographic Template CollectionInfographic brochures data visualization vector design template. 可用于营销策划、简历、网页、印刷品、杂志、 poster, flyer,...
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— AI (Illustrator CC) — EPS (EPS10) — PSD (1 PSD Layered file (PSD files was Generated in Illustrator CC, 有些功能可能会丢失. 要达到最大的可编辑性,请使用Adobe Illustrator)) -...
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Roadmap infographic templates are dynamic visual tools that excel in conveying complex plans, strategies, 以及清晰而有影响力的时间表.
信息图设计模板与4个选项或步骤. 可以用于过程吗, Presentations, Layout, Banner, 信息图流程图, Presentations, 工作流的布局, Banner, Flow Chart. Also Can...
用教育信息图模板点燃知识的火花. 说明概念, timelines, 毫不费力的统计, 为教室创造引人入胜的视觉教具
— Easily editable text — Organized layers and grouped — Editable Vector File, CMYK and RGB — 2 Illustrator file — Dimensions With guidelines — You can quickly replace your image with...


近年来,信息图表获得了相当大的普及. 人们喜欢它是有原因的. It helps the reader to understand and remember huge amounts of information. Pleasantly looking and creative, it's an excellent form of presenting the information. Analysis, expressed in bright visualizations, always finds a positive response. In fact, it won't be an exaggeration to say that it has become quite catchy. 一切难以理解的东西, 如果通过信息图表来说明,会更容易吗. 有了它的帮助,复杂的事实变得容易理解. 格式良好的信息图表提供了一个清晰的整体图像, it's undoubtedly appreciated more than information in text or table formats.


And today, more and more designers are getting into it and making brave attempts to create a unique, 创意和信息设计. However, a lack of a clear view and knowledge of the correct ways of creating it will lead to the fact that making up a good infographic can become a hard and even impossible task. 特别是,如果你从头开始. 它通常包含图形, 图的组合, 摄影和绘画图像, 印刷质量, 文本段落, and so on. It’s quite difficult to compose all these elements and assemble them into a harmonious visual series. 这样做需要大量的时间和精力.

Here, the infographic elements and templates with a stylish design come in. These elements are very useful and will certainly help to present complex information easier on your website. If you have recently been offered a project for infographic design and you want to do it yourself, 塑造你的创意, 那么我们随时准备帮助你. How? Well, for example, we have the best templates and elements for infographics to offer. They will help to develop visually appealing infographics, informative and useful. Fortunately, our website has a sufficient number of excellent infographic elements and templates to offer. 您可以轻松地评估和应用其中的任何一个. 希望我们的产品对你方有用.

On our site, we have all possible graphs and elements that can visually present the data. 您可以在演示文稿或网站上应用这些信息图表. 我们可以提供有用的元素,帮助您正确显示数据. With it, you can create beautiful presentations that show the way to success in the business process.

我们的解决方案可以应用于不同的领域. For example, if you want to create a presentation for the startup project and show all your working attributes in all their glory, 那么我们的模板正适合您. 或者你需要一个漂亮的旅游网站或旅游博客? 那么我们所能提供的也会是最好的.

你们是运输货物还是送货? It’s very important for you to explain to the visitors of your site all the nuances of logistics so that they choose you as a logistician? 我们的模板将有助于澄清其中的一些细微差别.

你是公司的老板还是个体经营者? 你需要在你的个人网站上介绍很多关于你自己的信息吗? 现在就使用我们的商业信息图模板. 或者你是一个社会学家? Or the marketer, who compiles an efficiency report on the work that's being done? 你也可以使用我们的模板. 不想带着严肃的官方风格离开? 我们也可以为你的演讲或网站找到一些东西.

你想创建一个有效的登录页面吗? 添加我们的信息图表, 怎样才能在网上推广你的品牌, 因为你的网站或页面在社交网络上越有吸引力, the greater the chance that people will share this content with their friends.

Infographics help you display various text and numerical data in a visual form. 在我们每个人心中,仍然有一个孩子不想读没有图片的书. So, we offer you our collection of infographic elements that you can use for your projects. We present our infographic templates and elements with a hope that you’ll appreciate our collection. 我们希望您的利润和高转换在您的网站. 让自己感到舒适,评估和选择.